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September 13, 2012
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Mycroft Holmes was in trouble again.

A tiny bit above average height, a layer of podge over muscles built up from forced exercised, he lowered his eyes and stood straight next to his three colleagues in crime, hands clasped in front of him.

"….and to think that Miss Green wouldn't notice her car missing for an hour is simply foolish! What if you had crashed?! And you still refuse to tell me where any of you went!"

Master Ledbridge stormed up and down in front of them.

Mycroft and all the other boys bit their tongue.

The probability of her noticing was very low; it was merely because Professor Turnwell had an accident that she had to go near the car park. They wouldn't have crashed; Cedric and Jonathon were excellent drivers. And of course they wouldn't tell, saying anything would have them kicked out of the esteemed Private Boy's School immediately.

"You'll be graduating soon! Sent on to some of the best Universities the Earth can offer and your boyish pranks threaten your entire future!!!"

Out of 34 major pranks, or random piece of fun, they had only been caught twice. This was the third.

Her piece of crap car had broken down and they had rode in, munching on sweets in an lorry towing her car. Should have borrowed Mr Sing's little reliable hatchback.
So they swallowed their smirks and begrudgingly took their talking to via one of the only men they respected in the school, though he was a harsh man.

Luke glanced side-ways just as Mycroft did and smirked at him, showing that he regretted nothing. Mycroft could see Ledbridge had his backed turned and mouthed "Worth it" back and looked away again.

"But I know with you boys my rants make little impact…" Ledbridge started to cool, voice levelling. "So all your privileges are from now one stripped from you for three months."
They knew they would come up with some sort of way to curry favour and have the punishment revoked; they were all leader's in multiple groups and courses and schools of this calibre were too desperate to boost their egos to risk upsetting their best students.

They were dismissed and walked out the room and then bounded down the stairs, Jon sliding down the bannister when he thought no lecturer was looking.
He glanced back and waved, giving a "sorry!" expression at the figure pointing at him and then turned to his friends, smiling and laughing along with them, pushing gently through the busy school.

They were known as the Sages.

Yes is was completely ego-based and not very inventive but it was the other students who named them. They had come up with some-thing in ancient Greek that described them perfectly but few else wanted to call them that.

There was Lucas Heath, an upper-class medical genius whom often wasn't around to go off and do various experiments else-where in England and Scotland. His father was a prominent Chemist, and mother a physicist. They argued a lot and Lucas had two little twin sisters to care for when he goes home. He was the second tallest, 6"ft and with long, unruly curly hair and bright blue eyes. He very rarely wore his uniform correct and then very rarely wore anything that could be considered very formal once he got into the upper years. Sexuality: Homosexual. (There were many jokes about him being too good looking not to be)

Jonathon Reemes, barely scraping in at upper class, comes from old money and is on all of the engineering courses as well as on the rowing team. His father is the brother to some Lord or other and is set to inherit after he dies due to his cancer; had a minor debt problem but has the most normal family life, though is an only child. He was 6"2 and skinny with short, brown hair and a dark, almost black eyes. He often wore vest-jumpers and jumpers and little else in the way of formal wear. He probably only owned one suit. Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Cedric Williams, the quite one but possibly the most intelligent in the school, who had started as a very shy boy with a soft voice but had learnt to change his voice to be able to be the confident, charming and roguish jerk he was. He could have been seen as the leader, and definitely was the most vindictive and dangerous, though when dealing with a bunch such as these, their methods of revenge were above any others would come up with. No-one knew about his background and the few who did never mentioned it. He had dyed his hair black though naturally his hair was bright, dark auburn and it was longer on top and swept in a side-parting. Cedric was incredibly fashionable, pulling off anything he tried his hand at, and acting like it's nothing when, in reality, he really did try to look handsome, as it was worth it for the affect. Sexuality: Pansexual/ominsexual/who-knows-what-sexual.

The last was Mycroft Holmes.
His hair was a typical boy's school gelled haircut and wore dashing suits though didn't push the boat out much; though he was still good looking. Father is a drunk at home and a fading successful politician who will have to retire soon for one reason or another. Mother is a (not consciously) cold woman, she loved her boys but wasn't sure how to show it. He has one little brother. Sexuality: Bisexual. (Experimenting)

He was about a much of a social outcast as Cedric , as compared to Jon and Luke whom had many other friends. The two were almost inseparable as they bounced ideas that could push science and politics into a new era.
Cedric was far more flamboyant and bold than his Crofty, and dragged him into all sorts of parties and things; not that Mycroft at this point was a wallflower; it was simply that he would be just as happy pouring over his books.

As always the social rules in this school were unwritten and harshly enforced.
The hierarchy was vicious, depending on your parent's station, your attitude, who you sided with in parliament, and even people on certain courses were divided by their ideas about certain theorems and scientists. If you take on some-one above you all hell shall be unleashed and you shall be crushed.

Unless a relationship is specified to be public, most were completely secret due to parent's disapproval, school rules, or simply for it to be more simple.
The worst way to start a war or do something was to leak or exploit a secret relationship.
To be frank, most were simply for sex anyway.
That many upper-class ponces prancing about, some were simply gay, some were fascinated with other boy's on an intellectual level that turned into something else, and some were just hormonal as dog's in heat.

Luke went from one relationship to another, and was very sensible despite being one of the most desirable boys (not including the foreign students such as the three Spanish students, the Japanese student, or the few others) as compared to Cedric, who had one badly-kept-secret relationship after another and was the only one who seemed to be able to sneak girls in and out of the school; his legendary stunt being with Jorge (a Swedish student) and managing to sneak away from sports and meet up with him and two girls in school-time.

Jon had two steady relationships outside of school (they had often visited with presents) and Mycroft had had very quiet explorations.

Cedric and Mycroft could be mistaken for a couple they were so close once.
They didn't care what other's thought; they understood each other one a base level (even if they didn't necessarily like some of what the other person thought/believed/did) and so personal space didn't exist and that instant connection seemed romantic to strangers, but it wasn't.

Perhaps, at some point, they were so fascinated by each other's intelligence, by the stories and theories and vigorous arguments and the cheeky -sometimes dirty- remarks to each other (The Sages weren't afraid to fake-flirt with each other and wind each other up) that maybe there was something more to be made of it. Perhaps, at some point, when they were up past lights out and still rattling on, sleepless, they could have kissed once their rushed mutterings turned to low murmurs.

But they didn't, for a variety of quickly calculated reasons, and so it simply hovered in the background.

So the Sages drank (Mycroft lightly, occasionally went on binges, and Jon very little) smoked (all of them) and did drugs (experimental; Cedric the most, Luke got off coke eventually and Mycroft and Jon pledged to only experiment once with each drug, for experiences sake) and joined all sorts of sordid groups.

Cedric was even rumoured to join a Satanic Cult, but he denied it. (The Sages could work out he wasn't saying everything and he confessed, drunk, that he was offered a place. He said the rules and guides were great compared to typical religions but he didn't believe in the Devil so it was pretty pointless really) They snuck out to strip-clubs and sex-clubs and played poker in private (Mycroft and Cedric often won those) as they were too clever to make the mistake of gambling; too addictive, too high of a price to pay.

Years later, where the quietest of the Sages was far older, and soared higher than the other's, Mycroft Holmes sometimes had dreams of his old friends.
The highs and the laughs; the drunken mistakes and the hard work.
He dreamt of when they drifted apart and how now every single one of them now were set against each other –or, at least, not any-where close to friendly.

And how every single one of those friends new most of Mycroft's dirty secrets.

The only people to know his secrets.

And, as they say, you cannot run from your past.
I may write more but this is the quickest way to inform you of his old Buds.

You can make your own ideas around this, if you have any questions do ask. :aww:
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Jon is indifferent and just wants to stay out of this, as does Luke but he's in a little bit of debt but Cedric...cedric meeting Jim would be dangerous/hilarious.
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Koren-Moriarty-RP Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012
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(OMGODTISS. IF SOME-HOW TEEN KOREN MET THE SAGES LATE AT NIGHT ON A STREET OR SOMETHING. Cedric would go for you like a shark on chum, Jon would be shy; Luke wouldn't care and My would be quiet-ish and reserved)
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