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September 16, 2012


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It was only roughly ten past twelve and the night was cold, clear, with only a slight breeze.
The teenage genius' were laughing down the pavement in the "bad area" of town.
Having harassed and stolen a police-man's helmet which Jon proudly wore, had a couple of beers (the real drinking happened later once they snuck back into school and before they collapsed into bed) been to a *cough* club and were now looking for some more fun...perhaps something to burn. Or hacking into the CCTV system of London's streets again.

"Hey." Jon nodded his head as a woman was standing by a lampost, glancing about, as if waiting for some-one or something.
"Not bad at all..." Cedric practically purred and you could hear his mind conjuring XXX things he could do to her.
"Not at all~" Luke said. "Jon, maybe you should go for this one....Rosie ain't gonna mind." He winked.
"Rosalyn is a sweet girl and I would never cheat on her." But there was something playful in his voice.
"What she doesn't know can't hurt her huh?" Mycroft joined in, knowing that no matter what Jon was going to at least flirt with this She was a young woman. Yes; hips were broad enough and she was developed enough.

Large, hypnotizing eyes that seemed black in the gloom locked onto them and they continued their amble.
"Dangerous neighborhood to be in luv...." Cedric was there first, like normal, turning on the chocolate voice
Jon stood next to him, Luke to his left, hands in pockets, not as bothered though he always found this entertaining.
Mycroft stood between Cedric and Jon, watching with a less leering expression on his face.
"You lost or something..?" Jon asked eagerly though they all were clever enough to know that is not what a lost woman looked like.
  • Mood: Suggestive
  • Listening to: Typical night noises of London
  • Watching: The mystery young woman intently
  • Playing: At life~
  • Eating: Nothing, sadly
  • Drinking: Will be doing so soon~
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Koren smirked and put on her most proper English accent, hiding her brogue completely. "It is more dangerous for you than for me, I think." Her eyes darted coyly between each of the men, lingering for just a second more on the one with the angular face. He seemed interesting.

But then she turned her face to the side, obviously not looking at any of the men in front of her, though she was aware of where they were, of course, and continued waiting for he brother. She was early, so she wasn't expecting him for at least another half-hour.
"Oh we can take care of ourselves, can't we boys?" Jon cried, and they all broadened and puffed out their chests like little birds fluffing their feather's. Jon was obvious (not smooth, but the amount of muscles that seemed to appear by his tensing was impressive), Cedric was near perfect, Mycroft also was surprisingly smooth in his tensing though didn't stand as straight as the others, and Luke really, really didn't need to tense any of his obvious muscles.
"You know if you go just a couple miles that way you are into the Red Light district...." Mycroft watched her with interest. She didn't seem like a hooker...stripper waiting for a lift home perhaps?
She smirked and laughed a dark laugh. "I do not doubt, you seem grown up enough. I hope not to see you on the news tomorrow, dead in the Thames. Perhaps if you're in a group no one will bother you..." She replied flippantly.

"What brings you uptown boys to my turf?" There was obvious double meaning in all her words, though it was cryptic. What they didn't know was that it actually was her turf, the Moriartys.
Mycroft and Jon were wary at her words but Luke and Cedric were unaffected.
"We often come here Miss....?" Cedric was as smooth as always and Jon adjusted his police-man's helmet.
"I've never seen you here before, and I'm sure I'm here oftener than you..." She sidestepped the question of her identity entirely, still debating whether to give an alias or put out her real name, just a bit. It was tempting, especially as no one had so much as spoken the word Moriarty on the streets in quite some time.
Cedric and Mycroft were excited to see her abvoid the question; they couldn't help the enigmatic stranger romanticism.
" work here?" Cedric was blazen and said it like that was no big deal. Mycroft didn't react much either, Luke snorted and looked to the side, and Jon blinked, like teh thought hadn't occured to him. For a genius he could be very naive.
"In a way, however I can assure you it is not how you think." She said slyly. Let them take it as they will, but she was suite what they thought wasn't close to the truth unless they stay making wild accusations in jest. Such as calling her a spy or underground crime lord...
Cedric was just that little bit too close for a stranger to be without discomfort, hovering on that boundary like a predator, unaware his prey was infinitely more dangerous than he could imagine. Jon was losing bluster now, he wasn't good with confident woman really, Mycroft's gaze, however, was resting on the woman now, undeniably interested.

"Oh how do you know what I was thinking...?" Cedric murmured in a low voice.
"Because you are obviously incredibly perverse Cedric." Mycroft's arms were crossed and he shot his friend's pass at her down in flames without a bat of an eye. "And she is much too smart to fall for that old chestnut." He tipped his head and smirked at her. He loved intelligence, and you could see this girl thinking before she buried it under an act. Oh she was so very good....he knew Cedric would have clocked this too, all of them similar in this regard.

Cedric glanced back at Mycroft with an arched, partially plucked brow.
"Heh......Mycroft thinks a lot of you already. Even not swearing around sweet." Cedric retaliated against Crofty.
"Piss off you prick." Mycroft shot back with a smirk almost immediately and the lads all chuckled in amusement.
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((Tell me when you want me to come onto the scene))
((We were thinking of having you be the one she was waiting for and mostly you would be ending the scene once you came on to pick Koren up from whatever she was doing. There'll probably be a murder on the news in the morning in that area... >.> But! Feel free to join whenever as long as you help Koren bug the crap outta the other guys~ ;p))
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